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Septic Drain Line Installation
in Sumter, SC

When you need a new drain line field installed or septic drain line maintenance, turn to our professional team at T & N Septic Tank Co. As a certified drain line specialist, our Sumter, SC, area company is prepared to help you with a wide range of septic tank issues.

septic drain maintenance services

Drain Line Installation

Installing a septic drain line field is intense and time-consuming work. Usually a large part of a septic tank installation, your drain lines and field help ensure complete drainage of toxic materials from your septic system. We’ll come to your home and help identify the best place for your septic tank and drain lines before beginning to dig and install them whenever is best for you. Whether you’re replacing a septic drain line system at your home or installing a new commercial system entirely, our team at T & N Septic Tank Co. is fully prepared to help you.

Drain Line Repair & service

If septic drain lines become damaged or begin operating inefficiently, it could lead to drastic problems for your yard and septic system overall. T & N Septic Tank Co. is ready to help you repair your septic lines quickly and easily. We even offer 24/7 emergency septic tank repair services. When you’re working with us, you’ll rest easy knowing that we’ll get the repair job done right the first time, from carefully digging up your lines to replacing damaged lines.

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When working with T & N Septic Tank Co. on septic drain line installation and repair, you gain access to certified specialists and over 60 years of experience. Give us a call today for more information and to get a quote from our expert team.

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